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5 new features and changes that need to be in iOS 13

Before the presentation of iOS 13 have six months. iOS 12 is largely similar to the iOS 11, because the main focus was on changes within the system. It is expected that significant changes will appear in iOS 13.

Information about what new features will appear in iOS 13, no. But there is a small wish list that we’d like to see this year.

Dark mode

This function expect the first year. It is on some Android smartphones, and was in Windows Phone. Soon it will appear in the shell …


As the magic of Apple is changing the attitude of people to design the next iPhone

Every two years before the release of the new iPhone appears a lot of rumors about its design. Most of these rumors cause only negative emotions, but when on stage, Apple representatives tell about the new smartphone, the anger gives way to mercy.

Apple changes the iPhone design every two years. And every two years, there are photographs, models, concepts, rumors and plans for a new smartphone. As a rule, people react negatively. For example not far to seek. Suffice it to recall the …


The owner of the new iPad Pro has complained that the service center Apple sees the curved case as damage

One Reddit user talked about how, as asked in the Apple Store with a request to fix a bent iPad Pro. The company recognized its accidental damage, which has been received through the fault of the owner.

The story happened in the UK. the iPad Pro was bought to the moment, as Apple has temporarily increased the maturity of goods. The future owner of the tablet was it only a month because it was a gift. He immediately noticed the curved case, because not even imagined that was possible. …


Apple Music appeared videos dedicated to the film “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Apple Music has a new exclusive video from the series “Behind the scenes”. It tells of the creation of the biographical film “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the British rock band Queen.

In a 16-minute video describes how an actor Rami Malek was turned into a Queen vocalist Freddie mercury. Simultaneously, Apple has opened pre-order the movie on iTunes.

“Bohemian rhapsodies” dedicated a separate page in the Apple Music, which in addition to the video presented in the iconic Queen’s albums, …


How Apple can save the bangs on the iPhone

According to rumors, Apple may reduce the cut in the new iPhone. IMore editor Rene Ritchie has created several concepts to demonstrate different options for placement of sensors.

In the near future, Apple is unlikely to be able to tape all of the sensors under the display, so the bangs will likely continue. However, Rene Ritchie hopes that in the future Apple will be able to place sensors under the display.

Unlike Huawei and Samsung, which have already started to produce …


2019 maybe iPhone will support Wi-Fi 6

Analyst blaine Curtis from Barclays said that the new iPhone will get support for Wi-Fi 6. This standard also known as 802.11 ax, which is the successor to 802.11 ac.

The new standard provides a higher data transfer speed, improved performance in challenging condit …


Apple HomeKit — unexpected winner of the CES 2019?

Not participate personally and not making any ads, Apple has managed to hold on CES 2019 one of our best conferences in recent years. All because companies-participants, wanting to improve the intellectual capabilities of their devices, began to use HomeKit.

Voice assistants Assistant Google Alexa and rightly received their portion of glory at the exhibition. But they still could not overshadow Siri, with the help of which the system HomeKit, users can start automatic action in the …


Siri saved the life of a resident of Nevada, got in a car accident

Siri saved the lives of Americans involved in an accident in Nevada. He managed to call emergency services, stuck in a wrecked car.

American Nate Felix was in an accident on one of the trails of Nevada. The motorist lost control and flew into the hole formed on the dry lake. The body of Nate, as he later told reporters, was paralyzed — man could barely turn his head. The accident happened in the evening, and, considering that in the desert at night the temperature in winter can be …


Insiders: Apple launched the production of AirPower

Apple started the production of wireless charging AirPower, the release is expected in 2017. According to insiders, it will enter the market with a high probability can be held in 2019.

The release of the AirPower was postponed several times. First presentation of wireless charging was held in the year 2017, together with the iPhone X. However, neither then nor in 2018, the device never came to market. Initially, the delay in the release of the gadget was connected with difficulties in …


Updated Adobe Lightroom CC for iPad support Siri Shortcuts

Adobe has released an update for Lightroom CC photo editing on the iPad. One of the main innovations is the support program Siri Shortcuts.

Adobe Lightroom CC received a welcome update for iOS number 4.1.1. It has a support for Siri Shortcuts for the iPad. Using it, users can instantly add the necessary images directly in the editor. The update also allows you to apply to images packages of settings and processing settings — media files can be imported into Lightroom CC with them. …