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Top 5 best games in 2018 for the iPad according to journalists iMore

Journalists iMore published a list of the best games in 2018 for the iPad. We chose the five most interesting of them.

Leo’s Fortune

The game is built on the principle of the puzzle, it has elements of a puzzle and a quality-designed graphics. The player’s task — to control a fluffy ball, so had time to land on the surface and collect coins. The game is available for download here, it costs 4.99 dollars.

Invisible Inc.

One of the most challenging games of the year. The …


Unique than a special version of the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition

OnePlus has teamed up with car manufacturer McLaren to release a limited edition version of the smartphone 6T. BGR found all the differences from the normal OnePlus 6T. Spoiler: they were many.

OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition comes in a box with elements of carbon fiber. Inside is the book, which briefly tells about the history of McLaren, and at the last page includes the smartphone itself. Thus, to get a smartphone, OnePlus suggests that you first read the book. OnePlus has developed a …


We choose the best iPhone XS

Buying a new iPhone, every user wants as much as possible to keep it in perfect condition — no scratches or damage. Therefore, together with a smartphone worth to buy and cover.

In the past two years, Apple releases a smartphone with glass buildings, the repair of which, in case of a fall, can be very expensive. We offer to your attention the best iPhone XS.

Twelve South BookBook

Quality leather folio case from the well-known manufacturer of accessories will protect the back …


Huawei will release a limited-edition version 20 Pro Mate and Nova 4

In 2018 Huawei has beaten its own record for sales of smartphones, having more than 200 million devices. In honor of this event the company will release a limited-edition version 20 Pro Mate and Nova 4.

A special version of Mate Pro will get 20 jade-green case, 8 GB memory and 256 GB for file storage. Limited edition Nova 4 will be available in peach red color in a single configuration with 8 GB of RAM and drive 128 GB.

Both smartphones, the back is a logo marked “200 million” …


Was released a new build of the jailbreak for iOS Electra 11

Despite the fact that users were almost desperate to get a working jailbreak for the current iOS versions, the developers continue to improve the tools for hacking the iPhone.

The creators of the jailbreak Electra Electra released 1.1.0, which allows you to hack iPhone running iOS 11 iOS 11.4 beta 3. In the new Assembly of the exploit, the developers have eliminated errors of the previous releases and focused on improving the stability of its work.

According to team members, …


Top 5 games for Apple TV

Apple TV is a console not only for watching movies and TV shows, but for games. Talk about the best of them.

There are many great games that can be played either alone or with friends. Some even support Bluetooth gamepads, which makes TV set-top box into a full-fledged console. Presenting your attention the best games for Apple TV.

Asphalt 8

The best game of the Asphalt series which is available on Apple TV. Despite the fact that many users were complaining about in-app …


Five best smartphones in 2018, according to the magazine Fortune

Ranking the top smartphones varies from year to year. Once dominant companies such as Samsung, retreating in the face of fierce competition. Increasingly, the lists of the best appear younger firms, especially from China.

The growth of the smartphone market in General slowed down. According to research firm IDC, in the third quarter phone shipments decreased by 6% compared to the same period last year.

Fortune magazine presented the rating “Top 5 best smartphones in 2018”. In …


Samsung will add illumination pixels surrounding a selfie camera in the Galaxy S10

In addition to the substantial design changes in future smartphones, the Samsung engineers and worked on software for the model number of Galaxy S 2019.

One of the trends in mobile devices 2019 will be the camera built into the display. In order to compensate for this decision, Samsung has developed a special animation for selfie camera displays Infinity O.

South Korean manufacturer of equipment used pixels of the camera which are activated when it is active or is used to unlock the …


Frameless smartphones killed the audio Jack. Why is it good

The journalist of the portal Engadget Devindra Haridwar summed up the year for music lovers.

In 2018, the uncertain trend on the rejection of a 3.5 mm headphone Jack, which previously launched by Apple, became widespread. From the usual informed port model 6T refused to even friendly geeks OnePlus.

But if in 2016 and 2017 the motivation of the producers was questionable, now it all fell into place. The author notes that the rejection of the usual audio connector provoked the …


Video games develop the brain — the researchers tested on Dota 2

The researchers found that the brain experienced gamers more gray matter.

Relevant article published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature a team of scientists from China and Canada.

To study the effect of video games on the brain, they compared between 27 active players with good results and 30 “fans”, who played less and did not achieve significant victories. Members of the advanced group were participants in regional or national Championships for USA League of Legends and …