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The Apple TV will the writer who created the movie “X-Men”

Apple is preparing to introduce its own streaming service. 18 January 2019 journalists Deadline reported that to work with the American Corporation will be joined by screenwriter Simon Kienberg who created the movie “X-Men”.

Simon Kienberg, screenwriter of the franchise “X-Men”, will join Apple and will work on the creation of ten serial of the television series on sci-Fi theme. With him to work on the project will be joined by producer and actor David vail. Premiere date of the …


Apple as ever is interested in staff with experience in the field of health

Apple is interested in hiring employees who have experience in the field of healthcare. This is reported by experts Thinkum.

According to experts Thinkum, the interest of Apple to hire employees willing to work in the field of health, as of 2017 increased by 400 percent. If in October 2017, Apple had 15 open positions associated with the sphere of health, in January 2019, the number was 75. As noted by the company itself, investments in the healthcare system benefit all of humanity. …


Apple may release iPad two budget in the first half of 2019

Apple is preparing to introduce two new tablet in the first half of 2019. Their price will be significantly lower than the iPad Pro and other. This is reported by sources close to the supply chain.

According to insiders, Apple has found manufacturers who will manufacture the new tablet of the company. They will become the General Interface Solution (GIS) and TPK Holding. They will produce front and the building panel for devices, only their share will be 40 and 60 percent of production …


Heir iPhone XR will benefit from improved antenna and support a new generation of Wi-Fi

Analysts from Barclays said the new data about the future successor to the iPhone XR. According to them, the new smartphone will have an updated antenna that will improve signal LTE network and support system Wi-Fi of the sixth generation.

According to analysts, the next generation iPhone XR, which will be released in 2019, will get a new antenna format MIMO 4×4. This will allow Apple to make the future XR faster than XR-2018 and last year’s X. the Antenna will be similar to those now …


Tim cook called for greater security of personal data of users making purchases in online stores

Tim cook expressed his concerns about security of users ‘ personal data. As the head of Apple in an interview in Time Magazine under threat are largely those users who often make purchases in online stores.

Tim cook spoke with Time Magazine journalists. The main theme of the interviews was the safety of personal user data. Apple CEO once again expressed interest in this problem, and also urged IT companies to make efforts to protect personal information.

In cook’s opinion, in recent …


How to password protect any app on your iPhone or iPad without jailbreak

Accessibility features of iOS are often useful for all users. In iOS 12 the function of “Screen time”, which not only monitors the use of the device, but also allows you to set a password on the app.

In App Store there are apps that offer password protection, requiring a code every time when you open the program. However, this opportunity supports a few applications. As a rule, popular social networks, text editors and image editors can’t be locked with a password. Namely, in these …


Five cases, an alternative to the Apple Smart Battery Case that will save your money

This week Apple released brand covers with built-in battery for iPhone XS, Max XS and XR for the price of 11 176 rubles. We offer 5 similar covers that are much cheaper.

As you know, one of the weaknesses of smartphones is their autonomy. In this regard, purchasing the iPhone, it is better to think about powerbanks or any other solution by which you not remain without a connection at the most inopportune moment.

Even since the release of iPhone 4 accessories, such as cases with …


Pavel Durov shared plans for the development of the Telegram in 2019

Founder and CEO of Telegram Pavel Durov summed up in 2018, and told about the plans for 2019. He wrote about this in my channel Telegram.

According to Durov, “2018 was great for a Telegram, but 2019 will be the most important in the history of the company.” He also promised that this year in the Telegram will be a new long-awaited features.

The leader Telegram also noted the increased popularity of the messenger:

Telegram — one of the few applications for messaging, which has …


The Swiss watchmaker has released a copy of Apple Watch for 350 thousand dollars

The success of the Apple Watch is not haunted by many manufacturers of smart watches. At this time, to borrow an idea Apple has decided in Switzerland.

17 January 2019 Swiss company H Moser & Cie introduced a new concept of brand-name watches, design of which largely repeats the famous Apple Watch. The device is called Swiss Alp Black Watch Concept. It costs 350 thousand dollars. The presentation took place in the framework of the International salon of Haute Horlogerie in Geneva. …


Organizer GoodNotes 5 has an updated design

One of the most popular organizers in the App Store GoodNotes 5 received the long-awaited update. Its developers changed the app design, but also added a few useful features.

One of the key updates was a changed format of the folders in which the user can store their notes. Their number is now unlimited. Also there is the option of creating a related and internal folders. Updated and search method: the application will look at the user’s request once all documents are handwritten and …