How popular websites look on the first iPhone

Since the presentation of the first iPhone will soon be 10 years. How it changed a generation of smartphones from Apple, we know — just look at the phone you now hold in your hand. But even more interesting to see how the now-popular websites look on the iPhone first generation.

For example, the website popular blogging platform Medium. Load time on the iPhone first generation — 33 seconds, on the iPhone 6s Plus is less than a second.

But the website of the popular newspaper The New York Times. The first iPhone was loaded for two minutes, the iPhone 6s Plus — per second.

Next one out is the login page in Facebook. 6 seconds versus 0.3 seconds, respectively.

And here is your favorite website. 1.5 minutes and 1.5 seconds for the response.

In the case of Apple is the same situation:

Russian search engine “Yandex” does is not displayed correctly.

Yes and Twitter is hardly going to sit.

As you can see, surf the Internet on contemporary sites from the first generation iPhone is simply impossible. Or spend a few minutes to load the page, or does not see its contents.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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