New divorce iPhone buyers, or avaricious pays twice

We all sometimes feel a strong desire to save money on what we need. Someone able to cope with this temptation, and force yourself to pay more money for guaranteed quality, and some don’t. Globalmsk told the story of a “fake” users who have decided to save on the purchase iPhone.

A few years ago Apple has introduced the position of “as new”, which meant, a decommissioned phone/tablet/laptop, which is returned to the plant and the plant it has replaced anything that broke. Such a device is cheaper and at the same time, in fact, is a new device.

But here’s the thing – Apple makes such a device with only the smallest amount of memory! And who now need a phone of 16 Gb? Right, anyone. Well, or just enthusiasts little.

So when I decided to change my wife’s iPhone 5 to 5S, I was looking for at least 32 Gb. Since the decision Mature for a while, we found a few showcase samples of our authorized dealers with the capacity of 32 Gb at a price of about 23 000. But here’s the thing – a few days before I went to buy the phone, entered the market of iPhone SE and not sold the new iPhone 5S the official disappeared, and leaving only the iPhone 5S “as new” with a storage capacity of 16 Gb.

Climbed to the Internet, I found several sites, where 20 – 21 thousand offered “refurbished iPhone 5S” as much as 64 Gb! And if we were talking about sending by mail or courier only – I would even did not look this way. But no – you can come and watch, poke your finger to turn on and even choose from what is.

The most attractive seemed to me the store with a beautiful website and an office on Kutuzovsky Prospekt 29. The call was answered pretty confident managers, who assured me that this is a full restored iPhone to the Apple factory.

Arriving at the place, I got the device, checked it, literally everything that could – and it worked!! Even Touch ID. Noticed that the box and accessories are clearly Chinese, and said to the sellers, but got assurances from them that this is the original iPhone, and then the mother.

And then I made the first mistake. If you lie looking straight in the eyes, and lie confidently and without even a hint of redness of the skin – send this company/shop/partner and run from it as far as possible! He many times told people about it, but need to solve the issue with the gift pressed as the vault of heaven in Atlanta! And I gave up the slack and said to myself “come on, iPhone working, and the price is more than”.

A few weeks later I decided I wasn’t ready to take a SE over 50 thousand (as then cost version on the 64 Gb official), and decided to take his 5S in the same store. Again, all very politely and clearly, again I was jarred obviously of Chinese box and accessories, and again I conducted, justifying the joint cost.

Week to use the smartphone and the miracles began!

On the way to the airport I got cut with a GPS module. And I went not just to the airport and the daily Parking lot a few miles away. Then I remembered how 10 years ago, I went for the Atlas, as the Navigator turned in a smart satin. Okay, I think I will go and take for repair. Could happen to anyone, in the end. But when I got back, followed by a predictable continuation of the module of cellular communication also died in my hands was the iPod touch, completely unable to communicate with the outside world.

I took it, no questions asked, and promised soon to solve this. Response from the “service center” I waited a week, then a week called the shop, demanding to speed up the process, and a week later I said, “Yes, the module died, will replace you the phone.” Two weeks I waited for the phone, waited, and got replacement 5S 32 Gb that was available.

With this apparatus, too, it was not just he was always so relaxed and warm. Constantly discharged is boarded completely with 100% in 4 hours when device is locked. But clearly I only noticed it 5 days and I had no confidence that I myself did not burn charging in the car, for example. So I did not take back under warranty and replaced the controller U2 at their own expense. As I understood later – nothing. I had to surrender and take the money. By the way, in this device the other day terribly wheezed speaker. It’s a question of lack of quality.

But with the wife’s phone all came out sadder. After 2 months of use it died too, the mobile communication module (stopped to catch the network). Turned it in under warranty. Also 2 weeks trying to get a response from “service center” (maybe he’s in China located?) and another two weeks waiting for the phone. When I arrived to pick him up and was checked, seemed very interesting picture:

When you run the serial number through the official website, it shows 16 Gb, the box says 64 Gb but the unit itself says that it is 32 Gb of memory. It was spectacular! As a rebuke, which the seller has received in office. However, the seller has got not as much as my nerves. As a result, we promised to bring another camera, already tested and with free shipping to anywhere in Moscow.

Meeting in two days with the courier, I checked the phone on the street, and there were no signs woes! But two days later, the wife noticed that:

— the screen is not bright enough, the color scheme is broken in the direction of the green color on the screen are stripes, there is a spot on the camera.

I’m not just brought in to change it under warranty, but wrote a letter with claim addressed to the Director, where he demanded to return my money for the device, describing the entire history of our relationship with the store and explaining that he does not intend to cooperate with them as a customer. I had a great response, which apparently was intended to bring down not only my hopes for a refund, but also on any value “on the wire”.

The official response of the Director of the store, a “PI Skvortsov E. V.,” I explained that a) “the phone was tested regarding his health and quality of screen defects and malfunctions not detected”, b) “This phone is refurbished (REF) as specified on our website” (which is not at all clear), and b) “the return of the funds for the phone of proper quality is not possible” with reference to the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 19.01.1998 №55.

However, if he was of proper quality – I have and there were no issues! But here the case is different.

Further correspondence with attempts to appeal to the remnants of the mind led to even more interesting discoveries: “the brightness of the screen OK — may depend from installed Wallpaper (screen saver on the main screen)”. It is hoped the adequacy continues to melt.

The answer is really simple. On the website we are told that the prefix REF mean the following: “This mark means that the phone is gone from the warehouses of Apple. It could be sold and immediately sent to the return; is not sold at all, but obsolete, lay in the window, etc., etc., In such case, the company, having taken the goods back, conducts re-inspections, repairs, changes, re-writes guarantee, packs, but send as a new can not by law. So there is the notation “rebuilt” (that is, REF) and a reduced price”.

About the program the Apple I mentioned at the beginning. BUT! It is irrelevant to devices that are sold in this store! From real iPhone there, in the best case, motherboard and CPU! Everything else is a lottery with minimum chances of success.

When I arrived in truly professional service with a very good reputation, they are still at the stage of acceptance of my machine told me that:

  • on the screen are horizontal stripes,
  • on the screen are vertical stripes,
  • the screen has a light leak at the edges
  • the camera spot (diagnostic reason to not announce),
  • the housing is deformed (bent).

Now waiting for the official conclusion and there is already going through the relevant authorities to resolve the issue.

Summing up, it should be noted that if you are not able to directly take your device in the USA (friend, relatives or you yourself go there), then don’t try to save on unfamiliar stores. Even the time and nerves you will spend, not worth it. And there will be more financial losses. All this reminds me of Ron Hubbard’s remark about an unhealthy economy, when in an attempt to save the company $10, you can lose up to $300 straight losses.

Particularly relevant to this appeal now, when it’s time to start choosing Christmas gifts. Imagine how will you feel if these problems begin, the person you give the device? And they will start with a probability of 80%.

So, save time and nerves, but the money has as something will come!

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

Hi! I’m Clifton and I am a full-stack engineer with a passion for building performant and scalable applications that are beautiful and easy to use.

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