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Black Friday: discount on accessories from AliExpress

Today, November 23, begins the largest sale of the expiring 2018. Traditionally, the shops and malls entice the buyer a huge inscription “SALE” with the discount percentage and the crossed out price tags. In this article, we picked up useful accessories with the “thinner” price is straight from AliExpress.

Hurry, offers are limited!



Universal desktop mount holder aluminum for iPhone and iPad. Will please design fans of the iMac. Stand is available in four colors: …


Best iPad apps with huge discounts for creative people

the iPad has become an integral part of life for many creative people. Thanks to his talent and professional iOS apps for artists, musicians, designers and all other users can create masterpieces anywhere.

Black Friday is the best time for the acquisition of highly specialized software at the best price. In this article we have gathered top iPad …


Do not expect generosity from Apple in Black Friday

This week Apple added a notice about specials in honor of “Black Friday” on its web site. It is now known that it gives the Corporation, with the purchase of equipment through Australia, where it has already arrived Friday.

Apple gives iTunes gift cards valued from $ 25 to $ 200 when buying different gadgets, with the exception of the novelties presented this year. The campaign will last only 4 days – from 23 to 26 November.

The following is a complete list of Apple products and …


Singapore Airlines told how the iPad is helping pilots

In 2015, Singapore Airlines started to equip the cockpit of the iPad. Since then, the company has greatly modified the software so iPad finally became the personal assistant pilot. How was this process and what is needed, wrote the edition CNET.

Singapore Airlines in 2015 started to equip their planes with the Apple installed apps and FlyNow Roster. The company notes that for pilots it was necessary to develop applications with a simple interface, since they had to deal with people who …


The first game with “console graphics” is already available for iOS devices

In the October presentation, Apple showed the “console” level graphics of the iPad Pro in games for example NBA 2K Mobile. Now this game is available for free download on iOS devices.

The developer claims that this update “will provide a graphics console-quality” is probably referring to the approval of the Apple on the chart at Xbox One’s iPad Pro in the last generation, with processor A12X Bionic.

“Our team has worked for several years to achieve a level of quality set by our …


In a new video Apple iPad Pro 2018 equates to computers

Apple continues to convince people that the iPad Pro could replace a full-fledged computer. In his new ad for the company from Cupertino claims that the device “could be your next computer” because it is “more powerful than most computers”.

However, while elected enthusiasts perceive the iPad as a computer for the last few years, the tablet still faces limitations that a regular computer has.

It is worth noting that Apple uses this angle of view the iPad in their marketing …


The best external batteries for MacBook

Many Apple device users agree that the autonomy of most of the gadgets the company does not meet their daily requirements. There are times when there is no possibility to connect your iPhone, iPad or MacBook to the power outlet, and certain problems require immediate solutions.

For example, during a long flight or journey by car, many people prefer to take the time to work or movies, but in today’s reality the battery charge any device from Apple will be enough for 4-5 hours of …


How people with disabilities work at the Apple Store

Apple is proud of its achievements in the field of technology for people with disabilities, especially within the company. Reddit users told stories about how they were served by blind employees of the Apple Store. Spoiler: it was at the height.

One Reddit user wrote a post in which he told about his trip to the Apple Store in Scottsdale, Arizona. There he studied with other the new iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil. They had questions about work stylus. To help the counselor came to Adam. …


Top 5 temporarily free apps in the AppStore: games, health and even speedometer Pro

What could be better than download the app for less than its real cost? Unless you can buy it for free! Talk about the five most interesting apps and games that you can download right now and not spend a dime.

Maze-A-Maze +

The game is based on the maze, pleasantly surprised by its graphics and realistic physics. The player’s task – to play the game in the shortest time, collecting all possible awards and gaining maximum points. If necessary, users can accelerate the ball, which …


Why are we increasingly annoying mobile game

Tell what is wrong with modern mobile games and why they are beginning to annoy us.

Games on a smartphone or tablet is often not only uplifting, but also a great way to spend time in the short breaks between daily tasks. However, recently, we, unwittingly, increasingly irritated when you include your favorite game. We have collected some of the reasons why this is so.

The abundance of advertising

Advertising – the engine of progress, but not in cases when we are talking about the …