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11.4 iOS kills the battery some iPhone

Apple released iTunes 11.4 at the end of may, adding, finally, AirPlay support, and 2 stereo for the HomePod. If the user has not yet been updated, he might want to avoid it – according to The Inquirer.

Some iPhone owners said about the battery issues that appeared after installing the latest version of Apple software. It seems the bug affects all models: starting with the iPhone 6 and iPhone ending X.

“My iPhone 6 was working fine until I updated to iOS 11.4. And since I did …


iOS 12 will help in the fight against spam

As stated on the Apple website for developers, anyone can now create custom extensions for a fight against promotional calls and messages.

According to the document, these applications will add to the setting item of “Junk communication”. After activation all users will be available a new option “Report” directly to utilities, “Phone” and “Messages”.

It is expected that the work function is simple: any advertising message or the call you need to swipe left and …


Why macOS Mojave forever change the fate of Mac

Explain how a mobile app can radically change the use of a computer.

Mac in the Apple product family — as the eldest child, who had stopped paying attention because of the emergence of a younger brother. For many years, innovation is increasingly concentrated in a much more common iOS, leaving the operating system and desktop computers Apple in the shade.

It seemed that this is a game with a negative amount — here the efforts arrived, there departed. But WWDC 2018 gave a …


The best adapter for MacBook Pro with USB C

MacBook Pro 2016 and later have 2-4 Thunderbolt port 3 USB type-C. But in order to connect devices to other connectors, you will have to use an adapter. We have selected the four best solutions.

MacBook Pro new generation is often criticized due to the lack of additional connectors. Apple offers to buy adapters, but they have little connectors, so you have to turn to third-party companies.

Elgato Thunderbolt Dock 3

Hub Elgato has two USB ports-Thunderbolt 3 C, which transmit …


What’s in my iPhone — advanced somatocyst Drafts 5

Edition MacDigger shares useful and interesting application that will appeal to users.

iPhone, in addition to all the features, and the most brilliant in the world of typewriter. Yes, set on a conventional keyboard is still faster and neater. But smartphone gives you the freedom. Texts no longer have to be sitting in front of a computer or holding a laptop on your lap. They are available everywhere.

However, if we restrict ourselves to such a common expression, it will not move far. …


How to use Screen Time in iOS 12

Screen Time is a new feature in iOS 12, which will help to get rid of smartphone addiction and heal from her their children. About how to use the features, reports 9to5Mac.

It has basic features and a few not obvious chips, like Downtime, App Limits and parental control. So you may need time to figure things out.

It is worth considering that Screen Time is a brand new feature, that, plus, currently available in unstable versions of iOS 12. Many can’t even open it, but it needs to …


Apple stopped signing iOS 11.3.1 after iOS 11.4

As in the case with each new version of iOS, the seventh of June, Apple has stopped signing iOS 11.3.1 obsolete after the release of the fresh iOS 11.4. It is reported by AppleInsider.

Now all the updated will not be able to revert to the previous system. The company excludes this possibility to ensure that the owners of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch using the latest software on their devices.

Published may 29, iOS 11.4 brings two long awaited features: AirPlay 2 and a sync message in …


Conan O’brien made fun of the function of Screen Time in iOS, presenting Basic iPhone

Conan O’brien showed a parody ad, inspired by the new operating system of Apple.

At WWDC, the Corporation Tim cook introduced a new system of monitoring the time spent with the iPhone and iPad. This function collects information about which application opens the user and how long their uses. So Apple wants to fight the addiction some people from the gadgets.

Conan O’brien decided to make fun of this initiative, the company clearing the roller with a new device, the …


New iOS 12, on which the Apple was silent on the presentation

WWDC time frame often does not allow Apple to talk about all new operating systems, so the company focuses only on the most important. But this does not mean that smaller changes are uninteresting.

Tabs in Safari

Now for your iPhone X in a horizontal position displays the entire list of tabs, like on the iPad. To switch to another tab, no need to open a list of all used web pages and flipping to the right.

Full support for third party password managers

Fans of 1Password and …


iOS 12 beta 1 was faster iOS 11.4

As soon as the first beta version of iOS 12 has become available for developers, users decided to check whether the new operating system has such high performance, as claimed by Apple.

According to reports Apple iOS 12 will be available for all gadgets starting from iPhone 5S and iPad Air and newer.

It is expected that the new version of the operating system the application will run 40% faster than before, and loading them will need twice less time. Keyboard response will be …