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Apple will pay podcasters for exclusive placement

Apple has begun negotiations with podcast makers about the purchase of rights to their content, reports Bloomberg. The company wants to have exclusive content in its Podcasts service. It is not yet known with whom she agrees and under what conditions.

Apple plans to develop podcasts to compete with Spotify and the Stitcher, which already have exclusive content providers. So, Spotify signed an agreement with the company Higher Ground, founded by former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. In early 2019, he bought two services for creating podcasts – Gimlet and Anchor. In May, launched a cloud platform for recording and editing podcasts.

The podcast market in the United States continues to grow. According to eMarketer, this year, 76.4 million Americans listen to podcasts – a quarter of the country's population. And by 2021, revenues of companies in …


Tim cook criticized trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement in a letter to Apple employees

The founder of Apple Tim cook sent out a letter to employees in which he criticized the decision of U.S. President Donald trump out of the Paris climate agreement.

That Donald trump made this decision, it became known in the evening of 1 June. This step was the final stage in the destruction of the heritage of Barack Obama on the issues of environmental conservation and climate change. Trump has repeatedly stated that it does not take this issue seriously, and the agreement prevented …


Tim cook persuades trump to get out of the Paris climate agreement

The US President Donald trump has not made a final decision on the Paris climate agreement, but are inclined to get out of it. One of those who are trying to persuade the country’s leader to refrain from this decision – the head of Apple Tim cook.

During the election campaign Donald trump threatened withdrawal from the Paris agreement, despite the difficulties that such a move would create in relations with allies. Barack Obama believed the agreement one of the main achievements in …


IPhone Donald trump only one app is installed

On the iPhone, U.S. President Donald trump only one app is installed. This was told by the resource Axios, citing informed sources.

Trump is known for his addiction to the microblogging service Twitter. One this app installed on iPhone American leader. On smartphones Apple has the standard apps like Weather, Music, Alarm clock, Card, but the fact that Twitter is the only downloaded app that shows how important social network for trump.

The US President frequently hits Twitter with …


“American iPhone should disappear after Obama”: the journalist talked about the end of the era of Apple

The Apple should disappear together with US President Barack Obama. This opinion was expressed by RT commentators who believe that “both brands invented and promoted the same circle of people.”

January 9, 2007 Steve jobs showed the world the first iPhone. At the same time future President Barack Obama began his campaign. After 10 years, the President of “shame” leaves the White house and it should be followed by iPhone, sure journalists.

According to them, under Obama the us economy …


Donald trump has invited Tim cook and other CEOs of the largest American IT companies for talks

The new US President Donald trump invited the heads of major IT companies in Silicon valley for a roundtable in new York, The New York Times reported. Among the guests of the event stated Apple CEO Tim cook.

The agenda has not been disclosed, and maybe it still worked. Their participation in the meeting has confirmed the leaders of software developer Oracle and network equipment manufacturer Cisco Systems.

US President Barack Obama at the time also invited to a meeting of leading …


Apple have urged the U.S. government to change the law in relation to self-driving cars

Apple is interested in testing self-driving car. According to the news Agency Reuters, the company entered into debates about the development of American law regarding the safety of Autonomous vehicles.

“Apple makes major investments in machine learning and automation, and pays particular attention to the potential of automated systems in many areas, including in transport”, – stated in the letter from the head of the National traffic safety administration on the highways of the USA …


Donald trump is the new President of the United States. What is the future for Apple?

The candidate in US presidents from Republican party, Donald trump won a victory in the presidential race. This is evidenced by the Associated Press. Later, the defeat was recognized and Clinton herself. He expects the world’s largest Corporation Apple after the presidency is Donald trump?

During the election race Apple upomyanalas regularly on the front pages along with trump. This amazing couple is not very good finds a common language for a number of reasons. From the beginning, …


That hides presidential iPhone

President Barack Obama, as some in the Russian government, long known for their loyal attitude to technology Apple — it was repeatedly noticed with the MacBook or iPad directly into the residence. As one would expect, as a basic smartphone it also uses the iPhone. But not the one holding you.

No, it’s the same iPhone 7, which you can buy in the store. Obama did not create any unique smartphone is used only in a special helmet. The most interesting thing happening at the software level. …