“Yandex” and “Amediateka” presented a joint subscription

“Kinopoisk” teamed up with “Immediately” to launch a joint subscription, which also includes “Yandex.Plus”. A single subscription costs 649 dollars a month.

Subscription opens access to movies for “IMDb” and series “Mediateca”. Users will not see all the TV shows that are on “Mediateca”, but only those submitted on the “Kinopoisk”. Among them are “Game of thrones”, “Westworld”, “Silicon valley” and “the handmaid’s Tale”.

The subscription of “Kinopoisk” and “Imediately” also includes “Yandex.Plus”. It includes a subscription to “Yandex.Music”, free of the marketplace “Take”, provides a discount in “Yandex.Taxi” and “Yandex.Drive” and also gives an extra 10 GB on “Yandex.Disk”.

The new proposal is more profitable for 119 rubles. Separately, “Yandex.Plus” costs 169 rubles per month, and a subscription to the root collection “Mediateka” — 599 rubles.

“Yandex” has launched an online cinema on the basis of “IMDb” in may 2018. In the same month, the company introduced a subscription “Yandex.Plus”.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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