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Interview with EMKWAN: the Most famous tehnobloge the Middle East on the prospects and failures of Apple

2019 has just begun, but many analysts and bloggers are already making their predictions about what Apple might introduce this year.

We asked about the products and most of Apple’s most famous technologer Abu Dhabi- EMKWAN.

EMKWAN collaborated with international brands and has advised government agencies and a number of reputable publications. Among the companies he worked for include: Apple, Twitter, The Gadget Show (UK), Nissan / Infiniti, Bentley, Mercedes Benz, the …


Apple explained why not consider bent iPad Pro 2018 defective

Apple has published on its website a new article, which gives some idea of the process of production iPad Pro 2018. This step was decided after customer complaints received is slightly bent new tablets.

The article says that small curves can be more visible to the eye due to the new design with straight edges. It also mentioned that Apple allows to change the flatness of the surface and 400 microns, and all that is outside of this range falls under the warranty repair or replacement of …


What to expect from CES 2019 fans of Apple?

Last year at CES was presented a lot of accessories for the smart home, but few companies can demonstrate products that were truly innovative. Tell how CES 2019 may be associated with Apple.

Accessories for iPad Pro from a USB C

Despite the fact that over the last few years Apple has set the laptops USB ports-C, this is the first CES since how USB-C replaced the Lightning connector in the iPad Pro. In this regard, probably the accessories manufacturer will present the device with …


iPad Pro has become the fastest iOS device in Apple’s history

Journalists iGeekPhone checked the power iPad Pro 2018 in service, AnTuTu. Tablet become the fastest device on the iOS operating system in Apple’s history.

As the newspaper notes iGeekPhone, iPad Pro 2018 was able to overtake the iPhone XS and XS Max not only in capacity but also on the speed of their work. So, the flagship tablets from Apple took the first (model with a 12.9 inch) and second (11 inches) places on these indicators among all iOS devices from Apple. Third and fourth …


In the network appeared the new “live” Samsung Galaxy S10

Blogger Evan Blass published the “live” Samsung Galaxy S10. The device is held under the code name “Beyond 1”.

Twitter user Evan Blass published a new photo of the future flagship of Samsung. The gadget has the internal designation “Beyond 1”. According to the blogger, the photo shows one of several models of the Galaxy S10. Release smartphone is scheduled for February 2019.

In addition to the images themselves, Blass also shared some technical characteristics of the mobile device. …


Apple has released a special version of the Beats Solo3 in honor of the Chinese New year

Today, 4 January, Apple has published an annual gift guide for Chinese New year. The company has launched a special web page dedicated to iPhone Max XS, XR iPhone and other products.

On the web page dedicated to Chinese New year, Apple notes that the new iPhone and iPad models will help to gather the whole family during the holiday.

The reunion — priceless.

In this New year, the reunion is the best gift. Spend time with family and friends all gather together, and Apple …


Real Racing 3: racing that will not make bored

It seems we’ve forgotten what real racing is. Talk about Real Racing 3 — sport autocaravana on real tracks, in which you can participate using your iPhone.

Racing in Real Racing 3 is really similar to the real thing. All races take place on real tracks around the world. In the beginning of the game, the user needs to go through a trial race in which he will have to learn to drive and right cornering. The car accelerates automatically, to brake you must press on the screen, and turns …


Five reasons to buy iPhone 7 in 2019

Despite the fact that the iPhone 7 was submitted in 2016, many consumers prefer this model to the new Apple devices. Tell why this smartphone is worth to buy in 2019.

Tell why the iPhone 7 is still the best smartphone for your money in 2019.

Reason 1: iron

The device is equipped with an Apple Fusion A10 processor and 2 GB of RAM (Plus-version — 3 GB of RAM), so the smartphone copes with many daily tasks. Recently, one of the leading Russian technoblogical, Stas Vasiliev, …


Everything you need to know about fast charging of your iPhone

Starting in 2017, iPhone support wireless charging. But Apple wouldn’t be Apple if it didn’t create a lot of problems around this feature. How to charge your iPhone which adapter to buy, which wire to use is only part of the questions that we will answer.

Which iPhone supports fast charging?

Fast charging support iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS iPhone XS iPhone Max and XR. These devices can be charged at a maximum power of 18 watts. Older Apple smartphones limit the power …


Why iPad is outdated

iPad is loved by many: it is convenient to work, watch movies and play. But time passes, and more and more smartphones get great displays that make them full-fledged replacement for the tablet. Is one of the most interesting devices Apple living out their last days?

Apple is positioning the iPad Pro 2018 as an innovative device, which can become as a professional career, and Hobbies and interests. But in ergonomics it is still inferior to the Macbook Air (which, by the way, you can buy …