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5 new features and changes that need to be in iOS 13

Before the presentation of iOS 13 have six months. iOS 12 is largely similar to the iOS 11, because the main focus was on changes within the system. It is expected that significant changes will appear in iOS 13.

Information about what new features will appear in iOS 13, no. But there is a small wish list that we’d like to see this year.

Dark mode

This function expect the first year. It is on some Android smartphones, and was in Windows Phone. Soon it will appear in the shell …


The owner of the new iPad Pro has complained that the service center Apple sees the curved case as damage

One Reddit user talked about how, as asked in the Apple Store with a request to fix a bent iPad Pro. The company recognized its accidental damage, which has been received through the fault of the owner.

The story happened in the UK. the iPad Pro was bought to the moment, as Apple has temporarily increased the maturity of goods. The future owner of the tablet was it only a month because it was a gift. He immediately noticed the curved case, because not even imagined that was possible. …


Updated Adobe Lightroom CC for iPad support Siri Shortcuts

Adobe has released an update for Lightroom CC photo editing on the iPad. One of the main innovations is the support program Siri Shortcuts.

Adobe Lightroom CC received a welcome update for iOS number 4.1.1. It has a support for Siri Shortcuts for the iPad. Using it, users can instantly add the necessary images directly in the editor. The update also allows you to apply to images packages of settings and processing settings — media files can be imported into Lightroom CC with them. …


Published the first photos of the updated iPad mini

One Twitter user posted a photo of the rear panel of the new iPad mini. According to rumors, Apple will unveil the upgraded tablet in the coming months.

The person who posted the images never said it’s the iPad mini 5. According to him, the tablet is more suitable name iPad mini 4s.

IPad mini 4 rear panel of the new tablet is antenna design. Starting with the 9.7 inch iPad Pro, Apple uses more miniature antenna design, not a plastic cover like the iPad mini 4. This panel is also a …


New Sony TVs will support AirPlay 2, HomeKit and iTunes

After the statements from Samsung, LG and Vizio, Sony also announced that it will add support for AirPlay and HomeKit in new TV models. Interestingly, unlike other manufacturers, Sony uses the Android OS in their smart TV.

According to the statement of the Japanese manufacturer model A9G OLED 4K and 8K Z9G LCD get the update with integration 2 AirPlay and HomeKit.

In a press release, Sony notes that integration with AirPlay and HomeKit means that users will be able to use …


Moshi has introduced car mount for iPhone and USB-C headphone with DAC

Accessory maker Moshi has unveiled at CES 2019 several new products — a wireless charger in car for iPhone and headphones with USB-C for MacBook Pro and iPad Pro 2018.

Car magnetic mount SnapTo is designed for use with your existing iPhone series Altra, and Vesta iGlaze from Moshi. The accessory will be released in two versions — with wireless charging and without it.

New Moshi Mythro headset Avanti C and C are connected to the gadget USB. C Mythro headphones have aluminum …


Why Apple’s future became hazy as ever

The Apple company is going through hard times: the demand for the new iPhone leaves much to be desired, and the stock price continues to fall. CNN journalists tried to figure out what’s wrong with the current policy of the company, and what you need to take to regain her leading position in the market.

The problem in heir jobs?

After the death of Steve jobs in 2011, analysts were convinced that the heir of Steve jobs, Tim cook can save Apple from the predicted decline. However, …


Belkin introduced the first MFi cable USB to Lightning C

Today, January 7, at CES 2019 Belkin announced the first Apple-approved USB cables-C to Lightning as part of his new series BoostCharge.

As you know, the only way to take advantage of fast charge on the latest models of iPhone are USB cables-C to Lightning. But until today, Apple didn’t allow anyone to produce this kind of cables.

Now Belkin has introduced cables that are MFi certified, length of 1.2 meters, 1.8 meters and 3 meters in black or white color. The cost of this “wire” is …


Apple TVs from the leading manufacturers will support not only AirPlay 2, but voice commands Siri

After the announcement of Samsung’s innovations in Smart TV, Apple has updated the support page for AirPlay, giving more information about the integration 2 AirPlay with TVs.

Visit the company noted that the new video feature AirPlay 2 will be “soon”, while Samsung has announced that innovation will be available in the spring of 2019.

Similar to how third-party AirPlay-enabled speakers 2 (e.g., a Sonos One) displayed in the application “Home” compatible TV will get its own section …


Apple installs iTunes and AirPlay on 2 Samsung TVs

In the spring, both services will appear on Samsung TVs released in 2018 and 2019. Apple for the first time, except for Windows provided third-party devices access to their video library.

Samsung announced,
what smart TVs released in 2018 and 2019, in the spring will be able to play movies and TV shows on iTunes and getting AirPlay support 2. Users can buy and rent content in iTunes on the big screen. Content will be available through a special application, which debuted exclusively …