iPhone SE will the fate of the iPhone 5c: will not continue

At the beginning of the year, Apple presented the new iPhone SE, successor to the iPhone 5s. Despite the relatively high sales, this apparatus may fail to continue. This is reported by analysts at Investor’s Business Daily.

iPhone SE will the fate of the iPhone 5c: will not continue

According to observers, in the first quarter after iPhone sales SE 16% of all Apple smartphones sold in the U.S., accounted for the new 4-inch model. If in the previous quarter, only 16% of iPhone 4s users bought the new iPhone, after the launch of the iPhone SE, their share increased to 26%. Thus, the new 4-inch mini flagship has attracted the attention of the audience by Apple, which wanted a compact smartphone with top-end filling.

In the third quarter of 2016, the share of SE in the iPhone sales of Apple smartphones fell to 9%. On the flagship lineup of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus had 43%. Despite the fact that iPhone SE is considered to be the second most popular smartphone Apple, for the company the release of this model is not appropriate, and it is waiting for the fate of the iPhone 5c, analysts say. The latter is known to not see continue in the face of “iPhone 6c”.

4-inch iPhone 5c in a plastic case in bright colours was presented in 2013. It soon became clear that sales of the device, projecting a slightly improved version of last year’s iPhone 5, do not meet the expectations of Apple. Recognized it and the head of the Corporation Tim cook, who said that the flagship model is attracting more attention.

iPhone SE will the fate of the iPhone 5c: will not continue

Analysts believe that with the iPhone SE similar situations exist. They explain this by the fact that many Apple users got used to the 4.7-inch screens, and the updated iPhone 5s with the same design many have not considered it necessary.

If you go beyond the “Apple” products, the iPhone SE is unique in its kind machine. On the market enough smartphones with small screen size, but almost all of them belong to low or, at best, an average price category. SE iPhone, in contrast, is not inferior to larger comrades in anything except size.

However, while Apple has no plans to release iPhone continue SE. Although much will depend on sales of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in the coming year. And you wait for the iPhone 2 SE?

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